Digital Dough

Monical’s Pizza custom eGift Card fundraiser is our easiest fundraiser yet! Monical’s Pizza eGift Cards never expire and can be used at every Monical’s Pizza Restaurant!

Our Digital Dough eGift Card fundraising program is very simple; we create a custom eGift Card for your organization, you get your supporters to purchase eGift Cards through the purchasing link we provide, and we donate 10% of the total sales back to your organization!


Digital Dough Guidelines:

  • You must register your organization at least four weeks in advance (six weeks preferred).
  • Digital Dough fundraising cycle lasts for two weeks.
  • Multiple organizations can sell their own custom eGift Cards during the same fundraising cycle. Each organization will have its own custom eGift Card and dedicated purchasing link.
  • Digital Dough eGift Cards must be purchased through the link we provide and be purchased within your dedicated fundraising cycle to be eligible for a 10% donation.
  • Any eGift Cards purchased outside of your dedicated fundraising cycle will not be eligible for the 10% donation.
  • A group is limited to one fundraiser every six months. A parent organization may schedule different groups within the organization no less than 45 days apart.
  • Digital Dough is only available to Not-for-Profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) classification (Churches, Schools, Teams). Individual benefits are not eligible for this program. Donation check must be made payable to a Not-for-Profit organization. A group may be asked to present proof of Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) status.

What we do:

  • We create your custom eGift Card with your organization’s logo or name on it.
  • We email you a direct purchasing link prior to your scheduled fundraising cycle for you to share with your supporters.
  • We post your purchasing link on our website on the Digital Dough fundraising page during your fundraiser cycle.
  • We calculate total sales after your fundraising cycle has ended.
  • We send a donation check for 10% of the total sales of your custom eGift Cards that were sold during your fundraising cycle within 30 days of your Digital Dough fundraiser.

What you do:

  • You register your fundraiser via the electronic registration form.
  • You promote your fundraiser through e-mail, texts, and phone calls to your friends, family, and other supporters, and via posts on your social media accounts to get your supporters excited!
  • You make sure all of your supporters are reminded to purchase eGift Cards only during your scheduled fundraising cycle.
  • You get a check about 30 days after your fundraising cycle has ended.

What your supporters do:

  • Purchase a custom eGift Card supporting your organization from the dedicated purchasing link you gave them. They can purchase any whole dollar amount they choose. They can purchase the eGift Card for themself or as a gift for someone else.
  • Watch their email inbox for their eGift Card notification. (They may need to check their spam/junk folder.)
  • Activate their eGift Card by following the instructions on the email notification.
  • Watch their email inbox for their activated custom eGift Card! (They may need to check their spam/junk folder.)
  • Upon activation, their eGift Card can be used at any time at any Monical’s Pizza restaurant. They should keep their email in a safe place until use, but if the email is lost/deleted they can contact to have the email sent again.
  • They can use their eGift Card in person by showing the activated eGift Card to their server/fronter, over the phone while placing an or order by reading the eGift Card number and PIN to the fronter or they can enter it themselves while online ordering.

Hints for a successful event:

  • Get the word out to your supporters that you will be having an eGift Card fundraising sale.
  • Get the link out to your supporters during your fundraising cycle.
  • Remind your organization as often as possible.
  • Put the date range on your organization calendar.
  • Post the link to social media & email your supporters.
  • Have each member share the link to their social media accounts.
  • Develop a phone tree or text chain to remind supporters during your fundraising cycle.

Monical’s Pizza eGift Cards are NOT available for purchasing merchandise at