Customer Reviews of their Monical’s Pizza Experience!

quotation_openThe salad and drinks were served quickly. The manager and the waitress were friendly. The pizza was hot, a nice golden brown, and delicious. – (Eldorado)quotation_close

quotation_openExtremely friendly staff. They were willing and anxious to help. We were greeted as we walked in and wished a good-evening as we left. – (Charleston)quotation_close

quotation_openGreat friendly staff! Very good quality pizza! 🙂quotation_close

quotation_openEric is always friendly. Glenn goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect.quotation_close


quotation_openWaited 8 yrs to have Monical’s Pizza… we live in S.D. but ever time we get to Gibson City we make sure we get Monical’s… I miss it.quotation_close

quotation_openLOVE THE FRENCH DRESSING!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! We grew up in central Illinois eating Monicals pizza in Monticello. We have now been living in Indiana for 8 years and are so excited you are adding a location to the Fishers Noblesville area. Can’t wait to be a regular!!! Thanks for expanding east!!!!quotation_close

quotation_openSeriously, you guys have the BEST pizza in the world. I live in the Chicagoland area and eat Malnatis, Giordanos, Edwardos, etc all the time — and have for years. There is NOTHING BETTER than Monical’s though. I absolutely love your thin crust. We take periodic “road trips” to Manteno (closest Monicals to Chicago) with friends to enjoy your pizza. So far, I have turned on 4 families to Monical’s Pizza…and now they also make special trips just to enjoy some of that mighty fine pizza. I LOVE the thin crust!!!!quotation_close

quotation_openMy daughters favorite is Monicals w/cheese and pepperoni. My daughter lives in Hunstville Alabama and everytime she comes into town after a 8 hr drive with a two year old she heads straight to Monical’s and she aslo visits at least 5 times while on a 2 week visit.quotation_close

quotation_openEvery Friday (faithfully) a group of girls in my office visits Monical’s for lunch. We love the food and the service is always great.quotation_close

quotation_openFrom a TRUE, LOYAL, Monical’s fan!! My first experience with Monical’s was in 1975, when my family live in Rantoul, Illinois. I was 9 yrs old. That was our “Special” treat on Friday nights. I remember the red checkered tables and (seemed like then) Enormous salads, when I could make my own and put as much french dressing on as I wanted to! And my sisters and I can never forget the placemats that served as funtime until the pizza came. I moved to Indianapolis in 1979 with my family and constantly CRAVED Monical’s. When I grew older and had a family of my own, I still wanted Monical’s. So we made the trip to Rantoul for my favorite.. Both my kids love it and we are so glad it is getting closer to home here. We visit your Avon, Indiana store VERY often. It always brings back pleasant memories, still at 41 years of age. We love you!!quotation_close

quotation_openI am originally from Tolono, Illinois and married a military man. One of the things I really miss is Monical’s Pizza. We have traveled to many places around the world and there is no pizza that comes close to Monical’s and no salad dressing that compares to the Sweet & Tart.quotation_close

quotation_openI grew up in Illinois and absolutely loved your pizza! I moved to Oklahoma 6 years ago and have been craving one of your pizzas from day one. I also cannot forget the French salad dressing.quotation_close

quotation_openI love this pizza. I will not eat any other pizza, it is not the same. I have lived in Mahomet most of my life and I have always favored Monical’s over any other brand of pizza. It is the best… I’m in Kansas now going to College, and the only time I get to eat it, is when I come home on breaks. Everyone that I know that is from Illinois, loves this pizza!quotation_close

quotation_openGuest visited the location almost 2 years ago and she had the best thin crust supreme pizza she ever had in her life.quotation_close

quotation_openPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider opening a Monicals in Huntsville AL or Nashville TN. Grew up in Champaign IL eating Monical’s all the time..still go back twice a year… THE BEST PIZZA EVER.quotation_close

quotation_openPlease Please Please bring a Monical’s Pizza to San Luis Obispo, CA… Monical’s Pizza is the best I’ve ever had and I know other people who feel that way. There is no doubt that Monical’s would become very popular out here. Thank you.quotation_close

quotation_openWe moved to Jacksonville, FL 3 years and have not been able to find any pizza comparable to Monical’s… Please let us know if that becomes a possibility. Monical’s pizza is the best and we miss it. We keep trying new pizza places just in case, but so far to no avail.quotation_close