60th Anniversary

Monical’s Pizza Celebrates It’s 60th Anniversary 

60 years is a long time for any business to survive much less prosper. In fact, quite a few who once were listed among the Dow Jones largest corporations no longer exist. Monical’s Pizza was founded by the Monical family in 1959 in a pool hall in Tolono, Illinois and today consists of 62 restaurants in four Midwest states. The company, which currently employs almost 1500 team members, still follows the same pizza and salad recipes from so many years ago.

While some things remain the same, many have changed over six decades. New menu items have been added along with new systems for employee training and guest satisfaction. Social media, online ordering, and a fleet of delivery cars are only some of the many differences you’d notice if a time machine could take you back to 1959. But through all the social and economic changes 60 years have witnessed, Monical’s still maintains a loyal following and many long-term employees. That comes in part from knowing what to change and what to keep the same.

Sweet & Tart Dressing is among the beloved staples of the Monical’s experience, no small task when manufacturers change or are acquired by another entity. Today Monical’s also bottles that dressing for sale to consumers, another new feature from years past.

You will find people working for the company whose parents or even grandparents were once employed by the organization. “The Family Pleaser” is more than a bundled meal of pizza, salad, and beverage. It’s a statement of purpose and cultural cornerstone for how to treat people. And while goals can be difficult to live up to completely, this is one that Monical’s Pizza has and continues to take very seriously. It’s best expressed today as “We Bring People Together”. In a world that so often seems to be pulling us in opposite directions, that’s a vision statement worth pursuing.

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