The Best Pizza in St. Louis

Monical’s Pizza voted ‘Best Pizza’ in the St. Louis Post Dispatch GO! Magazine

The St. Louis Post Dispatch GO! Magazine announced Sunday, April 29th that Monical’s Pizza was voted “Best Pizza” restaurant in St. Louis. The Monical’s Pizza Restaurant in O’Fallon, MO is the company’s first location in Missouri and recently celebrated its second anniversary at that location. “It’s an honor to be voted the Best Pizza in St. Louis,” Monical’s Pizza Marketing Coordinator Jim Hedge said. “We absolutely owe this recognition to our valued guests.”

Monical’s Pizza has won numerous “Best Pizza” awards throughout its 59 years in business. “These wins are a testament to our commitment of providing great quality and service to our guests.” Monical’s Pizza has 32 corporate restaurants and 31 franchise locations in operation throughout Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin.


  1. Your pizza is the best but i crave it as soon as i get home to Sioux Falls ,SD nobody comes close to that tast here and i have ordered thin crust pizza from every joint here no one and i mean NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO THE TASTE OF YOUR PIZZA. (You guys need to expand more alot more). And don’t get me started on your french dressing oh my god we bought a gallon to take home with us its all we use you really need to market that everywhere.

  2. The customer service at the Pontiac, Il location is terrible! I have tried to call and get delivery twice and they lied to me saying They don’t deliver past 8pm and on the website is says 8:30 on weekdays. The next time I thought I would try it again they tell me delivery time is going to be an hour and a half And someone else that just ordered ahead of me was told 30-45 minutes. They lie when they don’t want to cook/wait on people. Terrible service!!

  3. Any plans to open more locations in the St. Louis area? Absolutely love your pizza, but I live 45 minutes away. Something in south St. Louis County would be awesome!! Lol!

    • Thank you for your comments about St. Louis Monical’s! We hope to one day have several restaurants in your area. First we have to get ourselves properly established in O’Fallon and then take it from there. In the meantime, thank you for your support!

  4. Can we order frozen pizzas yet?
    We need some GOOD Pizza down here in Florida!
    Just ordered some of your famous salad dressing!
    Have you ever thought about opening a store in Florida?
    North Port Florida would be a good place!
    By the way great website!

  5. Linda Anderson

    I also hope you open more restaurants in the Saint Louis area, as I also live 45 minutes away from O’Fallon. Your pizza IS worth the drive though. What about opening one in Belleville, Il? They have a lot of traffic there because of Eckerts. I absolutely LOVE your pizza. I had it again Thursday night in Bourbonnais, Il. Way better than Imos or Whiittakers.

    • Thank you for your comments about Monical’s! We hope to one day have several restaurants in the St. Louis area. First we have to get ourselves properly established in O’Fallon and then take it from there. In the meantime, thank you for your support!

  6. Please consider location in Springfield Mo. Our town is known for great food. Monicals would be an amazing addition.

  7. Paxton IL Monical’s was our go to Monical’s until last night. Got there about 4:30 Friday 10/8. The back add on room had customers but the original seating area in the front was empty when we got there. Sign says wait to be seated, we stood there while at least 6 people looked right at us and said nothing. There were so many workers behind the counter they were bumping into each other. Finally, someone acknowledged us and too us to the “empty” main seating area and said someone would be right with us. I wish I had looked at the time. After what we estimated as about 10 minutes a family of I believe 5 came in and they seated them in our area. Someone came within minutes and took their order and the got their drink cups to go get their drinks. We still had not been waited on. Shortly in came a couple and they were seated and waited on almost immediately. We told a gal checking tables we had never been waited on and we’re there long before the other 2 tables. And they already had their drinks. She said she would get our waiter. We did check the time then & 10 minutes later we left and told the same gal that said she would get our waiter we were leaving. Worst service we have ever encountered and like I said, they were our go to Monical’s. Not anymore, won’t go back.

  8. Sign in front in the O’Fallon Missouri store says “best pizza in St Louis.” You have one location and it’s not in St Louis.

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