A Taste of Monical’s in Missouri

Monical’s Pizza proudly opened their first Missouri location on April 11, 2016.  After an extensive search throughout the St. Louis area, O’Fallon was an easy decision.  Since opening in O’Fallon, Monical’s Pizza has enjoyed getting involved with the community.  Girls on the Run, River City Rascals and the Heritage Fest are some events that we have had the pleasure of sponsoring.
Recently we had our friends from the Economic Development department from the city of O’Fallon video some scenes in our restaurant for a segment that air on O’Fallon’s YouTube channel as well as O’Fallon’s government access station. Our manager, Rex Hoover, did a great job with the interviews.  We are proud to be part of O’Fallon.   Enjoy the video below:


  1. I ate at monicals pizza for the first time Thursday night. The pizza was fantastic…it definitely IS the best pizza in this area.. the service needs some working on, but well worth going to for a fabulous pizza!

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