Charlie’s tradition

Charlie eats at his favorite restaurant on shot days.  I took this picture on July 27, 2010 at Monical’s- 3542 N. Vermilion, Danville, IL.

Mommy gets spaghetti and Nana gets pizza so he’s all set!

The employees and customers at CVS thought this picture was just adorable. They said it belonged in a restaurant or a photo contest. All of our friends and relatives (as my daughter and I both have 8×10’s in our kitchens) say he should be a bright blue-eyed Monical’s Poster Child.

We just had to share this with you since it’s our favorite snapshot. Enjoy!

Mick & Ruby F


    • Jillian,

      We have received your request. Please understand our being a little hesitant in following through on your request as the message and contact info provided is a little vague. If you would be so kind as to confirm your location and maybe provide a little information regarding your question it would be of much appreciation.

      Monical’s Pizza

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