Community Programs

One of the reasons I love being part of the Monical’s family is because of the dedication to giving back to the great communities we serve.

We believe that reading is one of the most important things a child can learn. Monical’s promotes childhood literacy through the School Reading Program and Summer Library Reading Program. Both programs instill the importance of reading while making the learning process fun and exciting for children.

Monical’s also helps new families with our Lamaze program (no, Monical’s doesn’t teach breathing techniques for when you eat too much pizza). When expecting parents go through a Lamaze class at a participating hospital, they get a coupon for a free Monical’s Family Pleaser®, something which will help on one of those nights when the new parents are simply too tired to cook.

There are so many great programs here at Monical’s, and it’s more than just about pizza – it’s family. We are privileged to be a part of our communities, honored that our communities include us as one of their own, and we’re thrilled to give back whenever we have the opportunity.

Full descriptions and opportunity for participation by organizations are available for review in the Community Programs area of our company webpage. 


  1. Ralph was a great man with a vision. He gave a great product at a family price and great service. I worked in the Danville store,1972+1973. I visit the store everytime I come back there. Still the best pizza in the world (IMO). Ralph Monical would be proud.

    • This is very kind of you to say! We agree Mr. Monical and his family did a great job starting this company. We are also humbled that you see our continued dedication to the product, service and value through these many years.

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