“Does this bag make my pizza look hot?”

Over half of all Monical’s pizzas are eaten outside of the restaurant. Because of the special nature of a thin crust pizza (and ours in particular), getting our food to its destination in good condition has long been a significant goal for our company.  Packaging is an important part of this goal.

Long ago, we discovered that the best way to package our thin crust pizza was:

1)  On a cardboard circle

2)  Wrapped in foil

3)  Placed inside a bag

We found this system to be the best at providing a hot carry-out or delivery pizza. To be honest, this method sacrifices some crispness in the crust. Putting a thin crust pizza in a box maintains more of the crispness, but sacrifices some heat. We’ve found that most of our Guests prefer the pizza hotter than crisper. As a result of listening to our Guests, we’ve kept our current packaging (thin crust) all these years.

We still continue to explore and experiment with new forms of packaging, hoping always to improve the experience of our Guests when they’re eating Monical’s at home. So far, we haven’t found a better substitute to our current packaging.

However, the quest continues…


  1. Vicky Hunter-Joyce

    You Need to bring Monical’s to Michigan..South of the Detroit area!! Love your Pizza! The only time I can get it is when I go to Paxton Ill. Thanks!

    • Sorry it took so long to respond!
      The ability to bring a Monical’s Pizza restaurant to the Michigan (So. of Detroit) are is not looking so immediate. The desire to be able to provide Monical’s Pizza to the area has a little more promise. We currently offer an oven ready (frozen) pizza in our restaurants. We are working on shipping, but to be honest this has been in the works for more than a year. We are getting closer, but do not know if or when it will be a reality.

  2. I always understood the best way to eat your pizza is to dip it in your French dressing! Which is the bomb!! Is that true?

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